Fazendas Klem are located in the municipality of Luisburgo / MG, in the Matas de Minas region, with an altitude of 900 – 1250 meters. Fazendas  Klem is part of this beautiful region a mountainous cycle of the Atlantic Forest, a region that the economy around the coffee mainly in it has a great combination of climate, altitude, soils and good natural reserves that make a pleasant place for our ecosystem.

The coffee on the Fazendas Klem are 100% organic and we meet social, economic, environmental and high quality standards at international level, which each year we improve to be in continuous improvement, as our mission is: “Producing Coffee of Excellence” In addition, we have an excellent combination of polyculture between coffee, avocado and banana that make our crops a natural forest where our entire ecosystem coexists.

Our coffee crop usually begins in June because our crops are in a high mountain region which allows the coffee to mature slowly concentrating more sugars and an infinite sensation of flavors unique to our palate.

Farm: Fazendas Klem

Altitude: 900 – 1250 m.

Average temperature: 22,5° C.

City: Luisburgo, Minas Gerais State, Brasil.

Coffee Ha: 120 Ha.

Policultura: Organic Tropical Avocado, Organic Hass Avocado, Specialty Coffee Organic and Banana prata.

Varietals: Red Catucai 785, yellow and red Catuai 44, yellow Bourbon, yellow Icatu, yellow caturra, red Oeiras, red Mundo novo.

Process coffee: Natural, pulped natural, fully washed and another fermentation experiences.

Harvest: Hand-picked.

Drying: African raised bed, Mechanical dried and patio dried.

Families: 45 families are partner at Fazendas Klem.


  • USDA Organic Certified.
  • European Organic labeling (CE) n°834/2007.
  • Organico Brasil certified.
  • UTZ Certified.
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified™.
  • Cafés Practices.
  • CERES – JAS Certified.


  • BSCA (Brazilian Specialty Coffee of Association),
  • ACOB (Brazil’s Association of Organic Coffees)
  • ACE (Alliance for Coffee Excellence).
  • SCA (Speciality coffee Association).


  • 10th The best Coffee of The Year Brazil, Harvest 2014.
  • 5th the best coffee in Nestlé Brazil. Harvest 2015.
  • 7th the best coffee in VII Cupping de Cafés Certificados 2015 – Imaflora Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Score 86,33 SCAA. Harvest 2015.
  • Award finalist “25 Premio Ernesto Illy de Qualidade do Café para Espresso”- Brazil. Harvest 2016.
  • 7th the best coffee in VII Cupping de Cafés Certificados 2016 – Imaflora Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Score 87,50 SCAA. Harvest 2016.
  • Award finalist: “Fazenda Sustentável” organized by Globo Rural 2016.
  • Cup of Excellence 2017. Score 91,17.

Historic Farm

Nagipe Viana Klem

Started his career with coffee in mid 1950. Initially a property in the area known as “Golden Stone”.

Entrepreneurial and innovative man always ahead of his time. Concerned about environmental issues, even when it was not yet important issue.

Luisburgo – MG – Brasil – 2015

Location of farms